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About Little Bou

Since its foundation in 2009 Little Bou has been on a mission: offer a wide range of stylish, high quality, practical and playful clothes for boys. Spurred by the very limited choice of style and quality in boys’ clothing offered by major retailers we handpick from the best children’s brands across the world: Mini A Ture, FUB, Bonnie Baby, Yporque, Finger in the Nose, Ej Sikke Lej, Milibe, Boys & Girls to name just a few.

Our aim is to save you time and, at a click of a button, help you uncover the style and quality which stands out from the mass-market but is still more affordable than premier fashion designer labels – and often more unique too! Our collections present a mix of well-established brands and relative newcomers to the UK market, chosen for the quality of the design, imagination and versatility of their products. We always select designers whose ethos is consistent with ours: eco production, use of natural materials and ethical and fair trade production are important and guide our choice.

Hope you enjoy your visit and have fun with Little Bou.