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Perludi Cribs, Tables, Beds and More

Perludi (Latin: per ludum - for playing) is an Austrian furniture designer and manufacturer established in 2007.

Perludi's furniture range is modern, simple, versatile and offers great sustainable functionality. Perludi has children's needs at the core of all its design considerations.

Perludi uses natural, non-toxic, safe and children-friendly materials. For example, the lacquered surfaces are painted with saliva-resistant and environmentally friendly lacquers. Perludi keeps experimenting with new eco-friendly, recyclable and environmentally bio-degradable materials.

The "Please Touch" series is fabricated from a combination of wood and loden (pure new wool). The loden fabric is stronger, water repellent and possesses ideal thermal characteristics, plus it’s abrasion-resistant and durable and therefore its natural protective function complements the rest of the furniture.

Little Bou recommends Perludi's range as its design and manufacturing process stand out as one of the leading furniture brands in Europe. Click on our Pinterest board to view more images.